Friday, June 03, 2016

Do You Have A Partner?

If you’re trans that is a hard thing to have. Unless you fall in love with another trans person, finding a cisgender spouse is almost impossible.
Queer singles survey reveals divisions on dating, marriage, and kids
By Dawn Ennis
June 2, 2016

Actually, we’re not OK, Cupid. Not when it comes to three big issues that divide single lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identifying Americans.

These hot topics aren’t all that different from those faced by cisgender heterosexual singles: do you want to get married, do you want to have kids, and would you date someone who’s transgender? The surprising result was that those taking part were split almost 50/50 on each of those questions.
But when it comes to us the pickings are slim.
And when the question of dating someone trans came up, again the survey found a deep divide: more than half of those participating said they would not date someone who identifies as transgender

That finding surprised Garcia, according to the newspaper. “I thought more people would be open to dating someone who’s transgender,” he said. “It was a good reminder that gender operates in very complicated ways; people are attracted to very specific things.” However, looking at the result another way, 47 percent of LGBTQ singles said they would be willing to date someone who is trans, and 44 percent said they would at least consider it, which is likely higher than the number of people that a single transgender American might expect.
And I imagine that those who cannot blend into society the numbers are even higher.

I was dating for one summer and I do not know why we broke up but my guess is that when we went out to dinner with my friends she had a hard time dealing time dealing with that. The way I look at it, we have the same odds as getting hit by lighting, but people get hit by lighting every day so there is always a chance of finding the right person either a trans woman or a cis woman.

So I go out to social events like the LGBT senior centers programs, and other events because you never know when you find that spark. There is a day trip for LGBT seniors this August to West Point that I'll probably go on, it will get me out of the house and out among friends and you never know I just might meet someone new.

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