Sunday, May 01, 2016


Photo by Tasha
Yesterday was the Tenth Annual Transgender Lives: The Intersection of Health and Law Conference and we set records!

We had to make decisions on how many lunches to order the week before the conference and to decide on how many program guides to have printed a month before the conference and based on the history of the attendance we printed up an extra 50 booklets. We also bumped up the meal count by an extra twenty-five.

On conference day, people came in droves; it wasn’t long before we ran out of program booklets and the meals tickets were running out. We never had that many people before we actually doubled our attendance from the last four years.

There were other snags also, the hospital was supposed to move to the new tower building so the school caterer couldn’t provide for our order and we had to go to an outside caterer we never used before. It turned that they didn’t provide plates, napkins or utensils!

Also there was construction that was going on in the building during the day with impact hammers rattling away.

Then the final problem was with the mic set-up for our Keynote Speaker we couldn’t get her computer or mic to connect to the school’s system. But like a seasoned trooper Kate Bornstein worked her way around the problems.

The conference volunteers help was well appreciated it made my job so much easier, thank you all who volunteered yesterday!

After the conference the committee went out for dinner with the Kate and this morning I drove her down to the New Haven railroad station. When I got home I crashed all afternoon, next year I am getting one of step counters because I must have walked miles from one problem to the next. But by the time the first session was over thing we going smoothly.

Looking over the conference evaluations the attendees ignored all the glitches and gave the conference rave reviews.

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