Thursday, May 12, 2016

When The Law Violates Ethical Standards

In Tennessee they passed a law they goes against the code of ethics of all the major therapist associations, the AMA, APA, NASW and a host of other associations.
My Home State’s Anti-LGBT Law Is Emblematic of a Much Larger Problem
HuffPost Politics
By Clay Aiken: Democratic candidate for U.S. Representative of North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District

For some of us, we don’t really choose “the first.” The moment may choose itself when that person is someone you trust so deeply and genuinely. For others, the choice of who to come out to first is a thoughtful process. Deciding who you can speak to totally openly and without fear of retribution nor shaming is daunting. Even more importantly, it must be someone who’s not going to run and tell everyone else like a town gossip. For that reason alone, a lot of teenagers and adults first come out to their school counselor or psychologist or a therapist of some kind. Individuals in those professions are not only legally and honor-bound to keep all things said to them in confidence, they are also professionally trained to hear a student or patient’s deepest secrets and struggles, to help them heal the fear and pain and self doubt that comes with that, and to guide them wisely through a processes that will hopefully result in them feeling more comfortable with who they are. School counselors, psychologists and therapists are a good choice for “the first.”

Just... Not in Tennessee.

No. Not in Tennessee. If you’re a young man or young woman struggling with their own sexual orientation or identity you no longer have the security of knowing that a school counselor or a therapist’s office is a safe place for you.

After Gov. Bill Haslam signed HB 1840 (also known as the “Turn Away The Gays” bill) into law two weeks ago, now school counselors and therapists and psychologists all over Tennessee are legally allowed to worship and praise their Lord by rejecting His most vulnerable children. After all, that’s what Jesus would do, right?
You can file ethic code violations against the therapist with the professional organizations and they have the power only censure or expel them from the organization. While other states are looking into banning reparative/conversion therapy it seems the Republican controlled legislature in Tennessee is going the other way.

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