Wednesday, May 11, 2016

No Crocodile Tears For Her

Or “Stop picking on me!”

It is funny how attackers seem to think they are the victims when people turn against them.
Exclusive: Woman seen assaulting transgender woman on Bronx subway in viral video speaks out
By Ayana Harry
MAY 9, 2016

THE BRONX — The woman seen in cell phone video verbally and physically assaulting a transgender woman told her side of the story to PIX11 Monday night in an exclusive interview.

“Don’t judge me unless you know me,” said Sarah Eldridge.
Eldridge admits she was wrong for becoming loud and aggressive, however, “I meant what I said. That person offended me in a way because she was to me, explicit.”

“I couldn’t stand it,” Eldridge said.
Translated, I felt depressed so I looked for someone to beat the crap out of so I beat up an Asian trans woman to make me feel better and now everyone is picking on me.

I hope Ms. Love files charges against her for assault and hate crimes.

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