Sunday, May 08, 2016

More NC Troubles

They are picking on me!

That is the cry of the North Carolina governor, well now he has even more to worry about.
North Carolina LGBT Law Cited in Bond Rating Reports

BRADENTON, Fla. – Two rating agencies flagged North Carolina's implementation of House Bill 2 in upcoming bond offerings amid a national controversy over the law.

Moody's Investors Service ( MCO ) said on Monday that it is monitoring impacts of the bill - "seen by some as being discriminatory towards the LGBT community" - on the economies of Charlotte and Wake County.

Both Charlotte and Wake face credit challenges from the "possibility of slowed economic activity due negative response to the implementation of House Bill 2, coupled with less competitive state corporate incentive packages than neighboring states," Moody's ( MCO) analysts said, using the same language in separate credit reports.
I thought the other night on Bill Maher was what he said about this who debacle in North Carolina in the opening part of the video clip hit the nail on its head.

Bill Maher: The interesting part of this movie is about the people who in their view had to give up their way of life when the 1960 Civil Rights Act felt that were being discriminating against. That they were the ones being made to suffer and it reminded me so much of the gay marriage argument so many people in this country who were against that, the Kim Davis’s of the world -- “What about our rights?”

“What about our rights to take away your rights?”

You see these things are not new.
Bryan Cranston: The biggest argument that the Dixiecrats had was “Take time we don’t need to change things quickly you know.”
Bill Maher: “It has only been a hundred years!”
Bryan Cranston: A hundred years, yeah. It was something LBJ needed to risk, he knew he had to risk that and he did. He lost the support of the southern Dixiecrats in 1964
Bill Maher: What do you think about the “bathroom” thing (addressing the panel) is again an issue in the country? That somehow the transgender people have somehow got raised to the top of the political charts about where they can go the bathroom.

For me that discussion hit the target “What about our rights to take away your rights?” that boils down the conservative position, they want the right to discriminate against us.

Watch the discussion…


  1. It is not about the right to discriminate. It is about the right to privacy. Unless I am not mistaken, part-time and even life style cross dressers or transvestites, are included in the transgendered rubric.

    Just because you personally are OK with your daughter, mother or grandmother being in the same room and dropping her drawers in the presence of a man or men in a dress(es), does not mean that the vast majority of the people in NC are.

  2. I will be interesting to see if you have the balls to publish that comment.

  3. Well first off just because you are uncomfortable does not justify discrimination. If you read what I wrote you will know that they used that same argument against the Civil Rights Act of 1964. They used the same argument about gays in the bathroom.

    Second there has never been an incident where a person used the non-discrimination laws to commit a crime. The first law was passed in 1975, so these laws are not new they have been around for a very long time with an incident happening, Connecticut passed their law in 2011 and it allows bathrooms and locker rooms to use them based on their gender identity. As the conservative Fox News host and Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer said, “This is a solution in search of an issue. I mean, do we really have an epidemic of transgenders being evil in bathrooms across the country? I haven’t heard of a single case.”

    Third, voyeurism and assaults are still a crime. Having open changing rooms is a thing of the past, no one wants to change in public and schools and gyms have private changing rooms now.

    Lastly, even if a crime was committed by a trans person (which there hasn’t been) you don’t condemn an entire population be the acts of a few. If that was the case no man would be allowed in the men’s bathroom.

    Here is a link for you to read “

  4. In case you accept the TERF/religious right view of the privacy any advance of the transgender rights is impossible.