Friday, May 06, 2016

I Know Some People Hate It…

When I blame the Republicans, but how can you not blame them with bills like this.
WTF: Republicans In This State Vow To Not Issue Birth Certificates To Single Mothers
Bipartisan Report
By Gloria Christie
February 24, 2016

This is crazy. Everyone knows that it is really hard to be a single mother. Not only are you making decisions alone that will affect your child’s life forever, you can be 100 percent financially responsible for them. But Springfield, Ill. Republicans want to punish new single mothers by making their lives even harder.

Now, legislators have a bill that says, if there is no father to sign the birth certificate, the state will not issue that child a birth certificate.

That’s insane. A child without a birth certificate can be barred from public schools and universities, any hope of ever receiving financial assistance, getting a passport, and even getting a driver’s license. Since a birth certificate is the legal document that serves as proof of US citizenship, a child without one will never even be able to apply for a Social Security number.
And who introduced the bill?
Republican representatives John D Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler sponsored the bill that would amend the state’s Vital Records Act.
When you vote for Republicans you vote for laws like this. You may delude yourself into thinking that you are voting for financial reasons and smaller government but in reality you are vote for these social issues. You are voting on anti-LGBT and anti-women because once they are in control of legislatures they begin their conservative religious agenda of anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, and religious freedom laws

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