Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Target Has A Target On Its Back.

The conservatives have Target in their sights; there are supposedly 400,000 who have signed up to boycott Target.
Dad Takes Daughter to Target to Confront Manager on Transgender Bathroom Policy — and Isn’t Happy About What the Manager Tells Him
The Blae
By Dave Urbanski
April 25, 2016

A dad posted on Facebook last week that he took his young daughter to Target to have a chat with the store’s manager about a delicate subject.

Izzy Avraham wrote that he told his little girl on the way to Target “how some men think they’re women and wear dresses and makeup and want to use the women’s washrooms instead of the men’s. I asked her what she thought of that. She said, ‘That’s weird.’ And was quiet for a bit. Then she said, ‘If a man walked into the women’s washroom I’d fight him until he got out!’”
Avraham added: “We kept talking and I explained to her that we should be kind and loving to everyone, because everybody is a person with a heart and feelings. But that you can also disagree with the way they’re acting, and think it’s weird.”
So what did the manager had to say?
“She said Target has always had a policy of non-discrimination, and that if parents had concerns we could use the family rooms, or Tirzah could come in the men’s washroom with me,” Avaraham wrote. “I told her that as a concerned dad, I’m uncomfortable with Target’s decision to allow people with male bodies in the women’s washrooms. And that we think it’s weird. We thanked her and left. I kept the whole conversation really polite and as relaxed as possible.” 
But he didn’t buy it.

The thing is “Target has always had a policy of non-discrimination” so this is nothing new, what is new is that the conservative press got wind of it. The history of the policy is important because over the years Target never has there been an incident where the policy has been used for illegal purposes.

So I am going shopping today at Target.

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  1. So strange - this US obsession with washrooms!

    I'm from EU, and first thing I notice about US washrooms is the huge gap under the partitions and doors. I was told that was to ensure there weren't 2 people in the cubicle. Is this true? We don't have this in EU - the wall sides are to the floor, and the door just high enough not to jam on the floor when closing.

    The US toilet cubicle is surely an invitation to peep. And IMHO, non-transgendered pervs are statistically much more likely to be peeping than a cross-dresser. And, it may be added, if outed by a pervy peeper, more likely to be damaged by self-appointed vigilantes.

    So strange - this US obsession with washrooms, when the answer is so simple - Unisex!

    Generally the disabled toilet is Unisex, and has more space. And - before anyone complains about this a) The toilet itself is not disabled. b) It's just that the toilet is adapted to make it easier for disabled folk. c) Which means it is not solely for disabled, but more suitable. d) And if transgendered and cross-dressed is not a disability (ie outside some fantasy 'norm'), then what is?

    (Anyway, as I keep telling my spouse, if Disabled Toilets were legally purely for disabled folk, we'd have to carry a disabled badge. Or later prove to a judge - after the event hopefully - that the user was actually disabled and entitled. Worse than gender checking!)

    You've opened an interesting debate - keep up the good work