Friday, April 22, 2016

Stop Your Grumbling And Get Over It.

Governor John Kasich tells LGBT people to get over with it and stop your complaining.
John Kasich to LGBT People Facing Discrimination: 'Can You Just Get Over It?' (Video)
GOP Presidential Candidate Suggests Christians Should 'Pray For' Same-Sex Couples
The New Civil Rights

By David Badash
April 17, 2016

Republican Gov. John Kasich on Sunday told LGBT people who face discrimination they should just get over it. The third-place GOP presidential candidate who is the sitting governor of Ohio also told people of faith who oppose same-sex marriage and LGBT people to "pray for" them. Both comments were made under the guise of uniting the nation.

CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union" asked Kasich if there are any steps he "would take to try to stop states from passing" anti-LGBT, so called "religious freedom" laws. The Ohio governor responded, "No, I wouldn't," then admitted that he hadn't even "thought about" it.

"There is a legitimate concern for people being able to have their deeply held religious beliefs, religious liberty," Kasich continued. "But there's also people who we shouldn't be discriminating against. We need to have a balance," he insisted.  

"I just wish that everybody would just take a breath and calm down, because, you see, trying to figure out how to legislate that balance is complicated, and you keep doing do-overs, because nobody gets it right," he admitted.
Notice how he said "But there's also people who we shouldn't be discriminating against.” and he didn’t name who we shouldn’t discriminate against. Somehow I don’t think he meant us.

So if someone refused to serve us in a restaurant we should just get over being made second class citizens.

It seems like that is his favorite phrase last year he used to describe the Social Security cuts,
John Kasich on Social Security cuts: 'Get over it'
By Tal Kopan and Cassie Spodak, CNN
October 10, 2015

Exeter, New Hampshire (CNN)Ohio Gov. John Kasich said Friday that a New Hampshire audience member would "get over" cuts to Social Security payments as a result of his reform plan -- and the left is already pouncing on the comment.

The Republican presidential candidate was asked about entitlement reform during NH1's "Fiscal Fridays" series in Concord, New Hampshire, on Friday, and he said it was something that would have to get done.

"We can't balance a budget without entitlement reform. What are we, kidding?" Kasich said when asked about his opponents who say they won't touch entitlements.
Um… governor, Social Security is not an entitlement we paid for it! You know that deduction that you see on your paycheck each payday, well that is us paying for our retirement.

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