Monday, April 25, 2016

I Was Surprised By This Article

With so many religions against us I was very surprised to see this article from the Baptist News.
When religious liberty demands cease to be legitimate
Opinion by Amy Butler
April 19, 2016

I think most Americans, even non-religious Americans, are on board with the idea of religious liberty — in the abstract. But like so many of the things we hold dear, what sounds great in theory becomes deeply complicated when the “rights” we cling to individually begin to conflict.

All of us have been watching news reports of contentious legal claims unfolding almost every day across America. From North Carolina to Mississippi and lots of other places in between, the stories vary in theme from contraception mandates to wedding cakes to who gets to use the bathroom where.
It was such a strange turnabout, a moment when the abstract suddenly became painfully personal. I could see the leader of the religious group just a few seats over, and I wanted to go talk to him and say something like, “Listen, I get it. I’m a person of faith too, and I understand that it can be really difficult to hold beliefs that are counter to the culture around you. But trying to force everybody around you to conform to your view of the world is just as bad as the rest of the world trying to force you to conform to it.”
Exactly, it seems more states are passing “religious freedom” laws which are really a license to discriminate. Religious freedom means the freedom to worship not the freedom to ignore laws you don’t like.

Also, please don't label all religions the same, there are many affirming churches who welcome trans people.

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