Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Hate Mongers - Part 1

You all probably have seen the articles about how the military is starting to soften its stance of trans-people in the military,
A change to a Pentagon personnel policy three months ago loosens the rules barring transgender troops from serving in the U.S. military, giving the individual services leeway to retain these personnel.
But that softening of the transgender exclusion has brought out the hate mongers; under the headline “Oh, boy! Pentagon cozies up totransgender troops” the
WND has reported how one of Obama’s major goals as president seems to have been to open the U.S. military to alternative sexual lifestyles of all sorts, and how that has created a lashing out against military members who support a traditional heterosexual lifestyle.

For example, a legal case has developed over an officer’s decision to stop two subordinate officers from engaging in a French-kissing “make-out” in public.

Because the subordinates are lesbian, the military is in the processing of removing that officer from the service.

The details are in a federal lawsuit filed against the service, charging violations of the officer’s constitutional rights. He claims the decision to dismiss him was influenced by the military’s desire for a highly visible mark of its success integrating homosexual behavior in the ranks.
If you have figured it out yet, we are lumped in with the “alternative sexual lifestyles” and of course they are complaining that allowing gays, lesbians, and transgender servicemembers in the military will affect military readiness because the soldiers will be making out in the foxholes,
Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, which also opposed allowing open homosexuality among the military ranks, has argued the military’s goal is to defend the country, not serve as a giant social experiment.

“This is putting an extra burden on men and women in the military that they certainly don’t need and they don’t deserve,” she told CBS.
We are also lumped in with “homosexuals” because to the far right wing conservatives being transgender is just another form of being gay or lesbian.

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