Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday Six #555

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #555

A sad passing, this is Patrick’s last Saturday Six, I have been playing the meme every Saturday since Episode #125 on September 03, 2006.

1. What epitaph would you like to have engraved on your tombstone?
Not an epitaph but dates…
*Male Name* Born Oct 9, … June 30, 2007
Diana June 30, 2007, Died ****

2. If you could be certain that there is an afterlife, what would you want heaven to be like?
I do not think there is an afterlife, when you are dead, you’re dead.

3. If you could bring back a deceased relative you knew in your childhood back today to have a conversation with, whom would you choose and why?
My maternal grandmother and talk about our family history.

4. Do you consider death to be more of an ending or more of a beginning?
An ending, see question #2.

5. Do you ever feel as if you “hear” from people you know who have died, as if by hearing “their voice” or sensing an insight that you don’t think you would have gained on your own?
No I haven’t but even after all these year I sometimes think I should ask my mother and then I remember that she passed away ten years ago next month and shed a tear (Like I'm doing now).

6. Aside from your epitaph, how do you hope those who have been closest to you in your life will truly remember you?
Not that I was brave but that I made a life better for others.


  1. I think making life better for others is an outstanding goal, and probably what we are here for. Good for you.