Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday 9: Paint It Black

Crazy Sam’s Saturday 9: Paint It Black (1966)
Not familiar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) This song was chosen because yesterday was Black Friday, the traditional day of sales. Have you begun your Christmas shopping?
HA! I wait until December 24, that way you don’t go around wonder what to buy everyone you just get what’s left on the selves. It makes Christmas shopping a snap and takes all the stress out of shopping (Just be sure to give them a return slip and that way they can get what they really want to get.).

2) Are there any Thanksgiving leftovers in your refrigerator right now?
Nope, I was at my nephew’s this and they have all the leftovers.

3) AAA says Thanksgiving is a big travel weekend. Did you venture far from home for your holiday dinner?
Yes, see above. It was a lovely drive to their house, it snowed the night before, and all the trees were coated with snow. The trees were plastered with snow clinging to their limbs and trunks; it was a landscape of black and white, when I came to a top of a hill as far as you could see it was all white.

4) Keith Richards likes France but, alas, the French authorities haven't always been fond of him and his criminal record. Have you ever been to France?
Nope and I don’t care to go there.

5) Mick Jagger jokes that, to be polite to fellow hotel guests, he always finishes trashing his room by 10:00 PM. What kind of hotel/motel guest are you? Are you rockstar rambunctious, or are you quiet? Are you neat? Have you stolen any towels, bathrobes, etc.?
I am a very neat and quiet guest and the only thing I have ever taken from a motel room are the shower caps and shampoo.

6) Mick Jagger got his financial savvy as a student at the London School of Economics. Are you good with money?

7) In the early 1990s, a then little-known actress named Angelina Jolie appeared in a Rolling Stones video ("Anybody Seen My Baby?"). Name an Angelina Jolie movie.
I didn’t know who she was so I had to google her. Yes I seen her "Lara Croft" movies.

8) In the early 1960s, the Stones nearly avoided tragedy when their tour bus skidded off a bridge. Tell us about a near miss you're thankful for.
I had a number of near misses but I don’t but I don’t think I’m was thankful for any of them. one time on a very icy room I did a series of 360o and missed all the other cars on the road, so I guest I thankful that I didn’t hit any.

9) In 1966, when this week's song was popular, CBS telecast How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the first time. What's your favorite Dr. Seuss story?
I’m at a disadvantage here, I didn’t have any kids so I have to remember back sixty years and the only one that I remember is “The Cat In The Hat” and that probably because I saw it on television.


  1. Another woman who appreciates the beauty in the cold and snow! Brava!

  2. Thanks for that picture in #3, sounds gorgeous!

  3. I don't usually remember my close calls, at least not after I've recovered from them.

  4. You have a great way with words, #3.

  5. It is such a controversy with some people whether or not the shampoo etc is ours for the taking. Like I would want somebody else's leftover shampoo.

  6. Beautiful post, especially #3. We once camped overnight in an abandoned snowmobile resort. The snow was almost as high as the Bounder's sides are tall. It was beautiful, like your description of the white world you found on your drive.

    I think Health laws cover opened shampoo and other little things so they are tossed, open or not, when a guest leaves. But then, maybe they are collected by the maids for home! ;-)