Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Once Again A Trans-Person’s Role Goes To A Non-Trans Person

I cannot help but wonder if they even auditioned any trans-actresses. I hear the argument well they’re looking for an actress that has box office draw but the problem is that if you never hire any trans-actresses or actors then you can never have known trans-actresses or actors.
Eddie Redmayne to take on transgender role as The Danish Girl
Metro UK
By Caroline Westbrook
4 Nov 2014

The British star – who is tipped for an Oscar for his role as the physicist in The Theory Of Everything – has revealed he is set to play the first transgender woman ever to have sex change surgery in upcoming project The Danish Girl.

The film will, according to E! Online, be a ‘semi-fictionalised’ look at the life of Danish painter Einar Wegener, who later became Lili Elbe following the operation in 1931.
At the very least I hope that they do have some trans-actors in the movie. The one thing about Transparent is that they have a number of trans-actresses in the show, even though the lead is not played by a trans-person the support actors. According to the Huffington Post,
Tambor is the only cisgender actor featured in a trans role on the show. Trans actors Ian Harvie and Alexandra Billings also star, and Landecker mentioned many of the show's writers and camera operators were also trans.

"She [Soloway] had a commitment though in all the areas of production to feel like she is including the trans community, and it's hired the most trans actors of any show that's ever been done on television," she said.
So I hope that Danish Girl also will have a large supporting case of trans-people.

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