Monday, November 17, 2014

I Am Surprised At Australia

I always thought it was more progressive…
Family Court Chief Justice calls for rethink on how High Court handles cases involving transgender children
ABC News (Australia Broadcasting Corporation)
November 16, 2014

Family Court Chief Justice Diana Bryant says she would like to see the court's jurisdiction tested in cases involving medical treatment for transgender children.

"I'd like to see the High Court have the opportunity to examine these kinds of cases, these gender identity cases and to decide whether or not the court has to be involved at all," she told the ABC's Four Corners program.

As it now stands, a child wishing to change gender needs to apply to the Family Court for the second stage of treatment involving gender-changing hormones.
There is no need to have the courts involved with a medical treatment. The medical treatment is totally reversible when they are on puberty blockers and once they get old enough they can decide if they want to go on hormones.
Chief Justice Bryant made it clear the court and legal system needs to respond.

"I think society is changing about these issues as well, and I think it is important to remember that," she said.

"I think from what we've seen, it's completely innate and when you read all the psychiatric reports and all the reports about how it affects young people, it is undoubtedly innate."
The judge is absolutely correct. It only adds a layer of cost and hardship to something that is better handled by doctors and therapists.

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