Thursday, October 02, 2014

When You Tell Someone To Do Something…

In the name of god you get thousands who follow blindly.

The Minnesota State High School League is holding hearings on their proposed policy for trans-athletes has stirred a firestorm among  the Christian conservatives who now see it as affront to their religious values…
High School League proposal on transgender athletes draws impassioned pleas
Article by: David La Vaque
Star Tribune
October 2, 2014

With an estimated 10,000 e-mails about a controversial proposal to guide the participation of transgender athletes in high school sports already in hand, officials of the Minnesota State High School League heard the impassioned voices of parents, students and advocates Wednesday.

An unprecedented and overflow crowd of about 150 people packed the league’s boardroom in Brooklyn Center, as three city police officers stood by to ensure that the workshop on the sensitive and divisive topic remained civil.
During his presentation, Jason Adkins, executive director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference, held up a stack of paper he said contained 3,300 signatures petitioning for rejection of the transgender athlete policy.
And of course the “Family” organizations had to put their two cents in…
Autumn Leva, director of legislative affairs and communications for the Minnesota Family Council, said “the policy is not in the shape it needs to be in to go forward. We’ve offered to work with the high school league on developing a policy with language to protect the physical privacy rights of students. That’s gone unanswered.”

Minnesota Family Council, a Christian-based advocacy group that says it aims to promote and defend biblical principles in public policy matters, wrote the high school league two letters urging that the policy be rejected.
Another organization ran a full page ad in the Star Tribune that was full of lies and fear mongering. The LGBTQNation wrote,
MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota’s largest daily newspaper is under fire for running an anti-transgender advertisement in Sunday’s edition that claimed high school boys may soon be allowed to shower with girls.
The full page ad, paid for by the Minnesota Child Protection League, is in response to a proposed policy change by the Minnesota State High School League that would provide inclusion for transgender athletes.

The ad says, “A male wants to shower next to your 14 year old daughter. Are you okay with that?
The newspaper’s decision to run the ad has angered many longtime readers, who have taken to Twitter to voice their disagreement with the ad.
It will be interesting to see how they vote tonight, will they succumb to the right wing pressure, or will they follow the law and the NCAA guidelines?

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