Tuesday, October 28, 2014

She Is Not The First

I have known a number of transgender lawyers, one of the first trans-woman that I met was a lawyer so I don’t understand why this is news,
For transgender lawyer with own practice, change has been good
Dallas News
By Sarah Mervosh
Published: 26 October 2014

After 16 years as a public defender, Sprinkle started her own firm a year ago — practicing law for the first time as a woman. While no organization formally tracks such things, Sprinkle is the only known openly transgender lawyer in Dallas County and one of just a handful across Texas.

In addition to her criminal defense practice, she’s become a go-to lawyer for transgender issues at a time when transgender people are getting more attention than ever in mainstream media, yet remain one of the most misunderstood groups in the LGBT community. Sprinkle, 47, uses her unique perspective to empathize with clients and guide them through the legal challenges of transitioning genders.
At work, Sprinkle is one of six openly transgender attorneys licensed to practice in Texas, according to Houston municipal judge Phyllis Randolph Frye, the nation’s first openly transgender judge. Frye said the timing of Sprinkle’s transition was particularly unusual: Most trans lawyers transition before they graduate law school — or not at all.
Maybe it is harder to be a trans-lawyer down in Texas but most of the lawyers that I know have transitioned after they became lawyers, it is only the younger trans-people, but those who are in their forties have transitioned after they were on the bar. Many of them younger than forties have transitioned in college or high school.

Phyllis Randolph Frye is an activist pioneer, who is now a judge, the Dallas Voice reported back in 2010 that,
Then, just this morning, longtime Houston activist Phyllis Randolph Frye became the first trans judge in Texas, when Mayor Annise Parker appointed her as an associate municipal judge.
Hopefully, that someday it will be a non-event when public figures transition.

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