Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Six #548

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #548

1. How old were you when you received your first paycheck?
I think I was seventeen or eighteen.

2. What was the first hourly wage you remember?
I have no idea, that was fifty years ago.

3. How many different employers have you worked for?
Not counting my summer jobs, three.

4. How many different jobs (positions, titles, etc.) have you had at those various employers?
Three, technician, engineer, and supervisor.

5. Of the jobs you’ve held, which was your absolute least favorite and why?
The first one because I had to travel around the country. I’m a home person and do not like to travel.

6. Of the jobs you’ve held, which is your most favorite and why?
The last job until we got bought out by a large multinational corporation. Before we were bought out I used to help the other technicians when they had a problem, I used to work with them to find the problem. Once we were bought out  they got rid of my administrative assistant and was bogged down with paperwork, I’m not a typist or secretary.

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