Friday, October 03, 2014

Last Night’s Fundraiser

Last night I went to a LGBT Democratic PAC fundraiser in Hamden.

Right now Governor Malloy is behind in the polls by a couple of percentage points.

One of the reasons I am support Governor Malloy is that he has been a strong supporter of LGBT rights, especially trans-rights. If it wasn’t for his support of the gender identity and expression non-discrimination bill it would have never passed. He took personal interest in seeing that our bill passed and he personally lobbied for the bill. Under the Republican governors they would have never signed the bill if it passed the legislature.

It was Malloy who came and spoke at the Transgender Day of Remembrance; it is Governor Malloy who flew the rainbow flag over the capitol. It was his administration that ordered insurance companies to cover our medical needs.

When we were trying to pass the non-discrimination bill we were opposed by the Family Institute of Connecticut. The night the bill was voted on in the Senate they were up in the gallery still trying everything to block the bill and add unacceptable amendments to the bill. Now they are backing the Republican candidate Tom Foley.

It was the FIC that called our bill “The Bathroom Bill,” and they are still trying to get it repealed or amended and the candidates that they have endorsed shares their views.

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