Friday, October 10, 2014

It’s Time Has Come

To be able to change your birth certificate without being forced to have surgery. There are four states (Oregon, California, Iowa, and New York) and the District of Columbia where you can now change your birth certificate without having surgery. However, in New York City you still need surgery in order to change your birth certificate.
Proposal would let transgender New Yorkers change birth certificates without surgery
By Erin Durkin
New York Daily News
Monday, October 6, 2014

Councilman Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan) will introduce legislation to strip the surgery requirement from the city rules - and also remove any requirement to prove other medical treatment, such as hormone therapy.

“It’s going to improve the lives of transgender New Yorkers and allow them to get birth certificates that match their accurate gender,” he said. “Gender won’t be about your physicality. It won’t be about your body. It’s about how you identify.”
The city will instead only require a certification from one of a broad list of providers - including doctors and nurses, social workers, therapists, and midwives - that the person seeking a change is living a different gender than the one listed on their birth certificate.
Changing to birth certificate laws make sense because you can now change your gender on Social Security, passports and in most states your driver license without having surgery, all you need is a letter from your healthcare provider. This will bring it in-line with the other documentation.

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