Monday, October 27, 2014

I Thought About It…

…But I decided to show the video.

You see I don’t like making a point about being trans unless it is at a function where I am there because I’m trans, like at meetings or when I’m giving a presentation. Otherwise I just want to be “me.”

So on Friday’s I go to the photo club at senior center I just want to be me, not a trans-activist and I was debating whether I wanted to show my video “Provincetown After Dark” to the club. Why you ask that would be a problem? It is because the reputation that Provincetown has as being a “Gay Mecca.”

You see back over the summer I showed photos of Fire Island and one of the members said “Oh! I would never go there*.” I knew what he meant without his saying it, it was because Fire Island is also known as a Gay Mecca even through only a couple of towns on the island have a large LGBT population.

So I have been debating whether I wanted to fight a skirmish over the video or if I would be passive and avoid any clash over it. But I have decided not to be intimated, so I am going to show the video and photos from Provincetown.

*This is called “microagression” it is a conscious or unconscious utterance that is prejudicial. It is like a dripping faucet one drop doesn't get on your nerves but the repetition is what causes mental anxiety.

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