Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fantasia Fair Day 8

I was up early, read another chapter in "Outlander: The Fiery Cross", packed and got ready for the farewell brunch.

The brunch is always sad but it gives a nice closure, I sat with Hawk Stone and Ms. Bob; it was nice to listen to their stories over brunch. I also stopped to chat with Jamie and Barbara.

Some thoughts on the Fantasia Fair, this was around my seventh or eighth fair most of the workshops on transitioning or going out in public or voice training I’m not interested in attending, I’m more interested in our history and activism. Ms. Bob’s keynote on historic photographs was very interesting especially the part about Casa Susanna in the Catskills from the sixties. Speaking of history, all the fair paraphernalia that I collected this week is going in the Central Connecticut State University LGBT collection.

Some of the high points of the week:
  • When I was walking to the Sunday night welcoming reception at the Saki Restaurant from the motel, a first timer was also walking there from the motel. It was her first time out in public and she was all nervous but as we talked along the way she relaxed and when I saw her at the Farewell Brunch she all smiles.
  • I enjoyed the walk back to the motel after Jamison Green keynote and talking with him along the way.
  • Talking to one of the therapist that I know from CT and maybe collaborating on a much needed project.
  • I enjoyed immensely the keynote talks of Drs. Bowers MD and Serano PhD the relax atmosphere of the discussion makes it a great learning experience.
  • Dinner at the Ross Grill, the Seafood Risotto was excellent and the lobster Newberg at the Lobster Pot was delicious but the service there, um… to put it bluntly sucked (it was half empty and it took about 20 minutes for them to take our ordered) and also one of the wait staff was very rude (he called one of us “brother”).
  • A ride in a Tesla Model S… Okay it had nothing to do with the fair but a friend at the fair has one that I got a ride in when we went to the Atlantic Spice Company. The acceleration is unbelievable it is like a jet taking off.
  • And of course meeting many old friends and making new ones.

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