Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fantasia Fair Day 6

Photo taken by Stana
For once I wish I could sleep through the night, last night I woke up around 1:30 AM and didn’t fall back to sleep until after 4 AM. The wind still was howling all night and into this morning with occasional showers.

I went to lunch at Bayside Betsy’s and had a delicious lunch of fish and chips (fries) and after lunch I went down to the keynote address “Waging a Culture War on Two Fronts” by Dr. Marci Bowers where she talked a little bit about trans-history and the history of her surgery, and also her work to in Africa to reverse Female Genital Mutilation. I stayed for the discussion afterward.

For dinner we went to Georgie’s for pizza and beer, we decided we didn’t want a forty dollar dinner just something simple. You can’t get anything more basic than a pizza and beer (I know I’m going to pay the price tomorrow morning when I check my blood glucose). After dinner we went to the Follies at the Crown and Anchor, we have some very talented people in the trans-community.

I was beat so I left at intermission and on the way back I took these photos…

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