Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Haters

They are the ones who denied that the earth revolves around the sun; they are the ones who deny that the Earth is round, they are the ones who believe that a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Two days ago I wrote about a speech that Emma Watson gave at the UN and today the haters are out there denouncing her.
Emma Watson faces backlash after gender equality speech
By Lisa Respers France
September 23, 2014

(CNN) -- Emma Watson is experiencing the ugly side of advocacy.

According to reports, Watson's recent impassioned speech for gender equality at the United Nations has drawn backlash, including a threat to leak alleged nude photos of the star.
Writing for the Washington Post, Soraya Nadia McDonald tied the threat, as well as false Internet reports that Watson had died, to "a long history of this sort of bullying aimed at women on the Internet, especially feminists."

"It's just the latest in a long history of online efforts to intimidate, belittle, threaten and cow women into hiding and shutting up — the message, of course, being, if you dare to do or say something we don't like, we'll expose you in return," McDonald wrote.
They are the ones who fight against any change in the status quo; they are the ones who want to live in the past. Whether it is marriage equality or human rights they feel threaten by change, it confronts all their beliefs and they live in a world where “Father Knows Best” would feel right at home.

When their worldview changes they lash out with hatred and violence to protect their fantasy world, they are the ostriches of the world.

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