Friday, September 26, 2014

Sometimes We Forget How Good We Have It Here

No matter how bad you have it here in the States other areas of the world have it a lot worst.
Malaysia urged to stop transgender arrests
Rights group says Malaysian government should repeal laws that discriminate against transgender people.
Al Jazeera
25 Sep 2014

Malaysia's transgender population faces systematic repression, harassment and mistreatment, and the government must immediately repeal laws that criminalise their lifestyles, Human Rights Watch has said.

On Thursday, the US-based group released a report it says details worsening abuses that transgender people face in the Southeast Asian nation.

They include arrest, assault and extortion by authorities, public shaming of transgender people by forcing them to strip off their women's clothing in public, and barriers to healthcare, employment and education.
Malaysia has civil courts based on British law, but also sharia courts regulating adherence to Islamic practices, and which apply only to Muslims.

Islamic law outlaws men dressing as women, which is punishable by up to three years in jail. Some Malaysian states also outlaw cross-dressing by women.
I also have read that in Malaysia and other Southeast Asia countries there are also gangs of men who go around enforcing sharia law on women.

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