Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Six #545

Patrick’s Place Saturday Six #545

1. When you walk to a light switch, do you “turn off” the lights or do you “cut off” the lights?

2. When nature calls, do you sit on a “toilet” or a “commode”?

3. Do you call those little bugs that seem to light up “fireflies” or “lightning bugs”?
Sometimes I call them “fireflies” and other times I call them “lightning bugs”

4. Do you “mash” buttons or “press” them?
Press, mash is something you do with potatoes.

5. When referring to denim pants, do you call them “jeans” or “dungarees”?

6. Do you stand in a “line” or “queue” when waiting for something?
I stand in a “line” as in the lines were long at the supermarket.

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