Sunday, January 26, 2014


I went up for the day to First Event with two friends; the last couple of years have been a disappointment for me. It is not the conference, but me; I have progressed beyond the conference. The conference is very good for those who crossdress or have just started their transition. The conference has a number of “how to” workshops, how to apply make-up or how to prepare to come out and they have a number of doctors who attend the conference hawking their services and I am pass that stage.

I attended one workshop and that was called “SRS and Proper Treatment for Prison Inmates: The cases of Michelle Kosilek and Chelsea Manning” and I thought that it might cover how to make prisons safe for trans-people because the write-up about the workshop said, “Come and learn about (and debate) the case and what it means to trans people in and out of prison.” But there was nothing about “best practices” and the workshop was really over in about 10 minutes after she talked about their cases.

What I did do there was network; I learned a number of things about coming legislation on the local and nation levels. Our future looks rosy in some areas and dreary in others. One of the things that I learned was now that we have insurance coverage the doctors are not “in-network” doctors and will not take insurance. So what is happening is the insurance company approves X amount of dollars for the surgery but the doctor wants Y amount of dollars and you have to pay the difference which can be many thousands of dollars.

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