Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Sometimes Forget

That the rights that we have here in the United States are not shared around the world. In Kuwait the police are rounding up trans-people,
Kuwait Launches Crackdown on Trans Women for 'Imitating a Woman'
Huffington Post UK
By Dan Littauer
Posted: 27/01/2014

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait -- A transgender woman was arrested in a women's hair-saloon, after one of the clients became suspicious of her gender on Wednesday.

Her arrest comes after a weeklong crackdown on transgender women in the gulf kingdom, which saw six other women arrested for "imitating the opposite sex".

According to Al-Watan daily paper, the unnamed transgender woman had frequented the establishment at the Hawally district of Kuwait City, but when a fellow female client grew "suspicious" she immediately reported her to the police.

Police officers Ammar Al-Muhanna and Hamad Al-Kandari were dispatched to the hair-saloon and accompanied by its owner and arrested the transgender woman.
In 2007, the Kuwaiti parliament passed a bill proposed by Islamic MPs that amended article 198 of penal code so that anyone 'imitating the appearance of a member of the opposite sex' could be jailed for up to a year or fined up to $3,500.

This law is causing substantial persecution and misery to transgender people in Kuwait which was slammed in a Human Rights Watch report, published in 2012, criticizing arrests, torture and abuse of transgender people in the country.
Meanwhile next door in Iraq the government is providing GCS for trans-people but they are forcing gays to have GCS to make them straight or face the hangman.

Yesterday a mob stormed a LGBT office in Ivory Coast country of Senegal in the city of Dakar.
Ivory Coast: Mob Attacks Gay Rights Group Office
ABC News
January 28, 2014 (AP)

A mob has ransacked the headquarters of Ivory Coast's most prominent gay rights organization, underscoring the dangers confronting such groups even in the few African countries where homosexual acts are not crimes.

The violence followed days of anti-gay protests in Ivory Coast, which is sometimes considered a safe haven for homosexuals fleeing persecution elsewhere across the continent. It contributed to a growing sense that activists championing gay rights are under siege in Africa, where countries are working to strengthen existing laws that criminalize homosexuality. A new law in Nigeria bans all gay associations, and lawmakers in Uganda may well override their president's opposition and approve a bill imposing life prison terms for consenting same-sex partners who engage in repeated sexual acts.
We are becoming the new bogyman. We are becoming the scapegoat to blame the world economic troubles on. If you look though out history whenever the economy is in turmoil, society has looked for someone to blame and it is usually a minority; during the depression of the 1930s in Germany and other countries it was the Jews and the gypsies and gays and other minorities, the “undesirables.”

Now we see it happening again in Africa, the Middle East and in Russia as Putin consolidates his power. In Greece in the economic unrest trans-people are being rounding up and arrested, we are detained for several hours then when we are release we are warned that if we did not “return to normal” then we would be arrested for public indecency. We see it in the frustration of the conservative religions, they are losing the battle here in the U.S. and Europe so they are turning to the impoverish countries in Africa to spread their hate in countries like Nigeria and Uganda.

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