Friday, November 22, 2013

And You Thought That This Didn’t Happen Anymore

You thought that in family courts it didn’t matter anymore if you were trans*, that the courts now a days judge child custody on merits not on if you are transgender. Well guest again,
Court takes couple’s children because father is transgender
Union Leader
By Byrgen Finkelman
November 18, 2013

Daniel and Cindy are young parents whose world has been turned upside down because Daniel is transgender. He transitioned over a decade ago when he was 19, and few people know that he is transgender.

When Daniel and Cindy decided to have children, they told Cindy’s parents that Daniel is transgender because they were conceiving in vitro with donated sperm.
Her parents made derogatory comments about Daniel in front of the children against the wishes of the Daniel and Cindy. As the negative comments continued Daniel and Cindy cutoff the grandparents visitations and the grandparents retaliated and took them to court.
Child Protective Services have never been called; there have been no police reports of abuse; neither parent has a criminal record.

Last week, a court removed the twins from their home and gave custody to the grandparents.

The reason?

Their father is transgender.
This is why New York State needs a gender identity and expression anti-discrimination law, to prevent judges from discriminating on the bench. We should have our court cases decided on the evidence and not on bias of who we are.

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