Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I Have Seen The Promised Land

On today the anniversary I wish that Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream has come true. Instead racism and discrimination has become covert, people know not to say that they didn’t hire you because you are… black or gay or a woman or your religion or your age. They know enough not to say those words that could get them sued.

Just look at New York City’s “Stop and Frisk” policy that a judge just order oversight of the policy because the way it was being enforced. We don’t discriminate because of race, we now discriminate because of socioeconomic class and it is a vicious circle. Crime is higher in black communities because of the lack of jobs. There is a lack of jobs because of poor education. There is poor education because the funding is now going to “charter schools” that cherry pick the best and brightest students and send the others back to the city schools.

On Martin Luther King Day back in 2011 I posted this blog that asked if Connecticut was the “Promised Land?”
When Martin Luther King said “I have seen the promised land”, it was Simsbury CT... WHAT!
When Martin Luther King said “I have seen the promised land” he might have been talking of Simsbury CT. When he was a Morehouse College student, he worked two summers in Simsbury at a tobacco farm and in a letter home he wrote, "Yesterday, we didn't work, so went to Hartford," King wrote. "We really had a nice time there. I never thought that a person my race could eat anywhere, but we ate in one of the finest restaurants in Hartford." (Hartford Courant)

Students at Simsbury High created this video… Summers of Freedom: Martin Luther King Jr. in Connecticut

Summers of Freedom: the Story of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Connecticut from Simsbury History Scholars on Vimeo

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