Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Story Part 34 – What, Me Worry?

I do know how many of you remember the Mad Magazine, Alfred E Neuman, he use to say all the time “What, me worry?” For me I worry all the time.

Ever since high school, I worried about being found out by my friend. I thought that if they ever found out it would be the end of the world. When I told them forty years later, they were all supportive.

I worried about losing my family if they ever found out. When I told them forty years later, they were all supportive.

At work, I worried that I would lose my job if anyone found. When I told management, they were totally supportive.

On the drive down to North Carolina, I worried about stopping at rest areas. However, I didn’t have any trouble at all traveling.

Did I worry for nothing? Am I just a worrier?

I know some friends that they haven’t spoken to their friends since they transitioned, their friends want nothing to do with them.

I have a friend who hasn’t spoken to his family in twenty years, ever since he transitioned. Only one aunt will talk to him.

I have a friend who was fired one week after she told her boss about her transition; she worked there for 25 years.

On blogs and forums, I read all the time about trans-people being harassed for using the bathroom. There is even a booklet about it, “Peeing In Peace

I don’t think I worry for nothing, I just consider myself blessed with understanding family and friends.

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