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Men Date Trans-Women Because They Are Tall, Beautiful, With Nice Legs And Bums - I Don’t Think So

There is a blog, “Dark Q’s Gay Blog” that asks the question “Why do men prefer transgender women instead of biological women?” I think he is only looking at one factor; there are many answers to that question. He writes,
One very strong reason is that since transgender women MAY have some typically male physical traits such as big shoulders and proeminent under-jaw, they have to hide them somehow so they never leave the house without make up or you will never see a respectable transgender wearing a piece of clothing that doesn`t suit her and instead of masking the typically male features it highlights them. Men love women that take care of themselves: wear make up, perfume and are always trendy and classy regardless of the situation. I`m not saying that biological women can`t be trendy and classy, I`m just saying that biological women can sometimes appear natural, without make up or anything fancy while most of the transgender women can`t !”
While that is true of one type of trans-person, it is not true of all trans-people. Most trans-people that I know do not wear heels or wear perfume; they are just as comfortable in jeans or Capri’s with a Tee top. The last time I wore a dress was to my aunt’s funeral and before that was to a banquet. I have to admit, that most are transsexuals, but a lot of crossdressers do not want to look over dressed and stand out in a crowd.

He goes on to write that…
Another reason would be that transgender people are said to understand a man better. It`s simple, since transgender women used to be men it is easier for them to understand what a straight or bisexual man thinks and wants from his life partner and not only. This is what men are always looking for in a woman: understanding and tolerance, but sometimes it`s pretty difficult to understand men ( uh… you know what I mean, don`t you? hehe).
I believe this is true. But I also believe that a long term relationship is based more then they both like football, that it is based on seeing the inner person.

He sums it up with saying,
In addition to what I`ve said earlier, you probably know that men love beautiful women. Although some of them may say that they don`t look for beauty but for brains, trust me: they do want beautiful women next to them! So, some of the physical features that men love the most are legs, posterior and breasts. Well, transgender women have them all! Tall, beautiful, with nice legs and bums, transgender women are a delight for most of the men!
While some men might see that, I believe there is another facet that he hasn’t mentioned and that is a very important facet, the fact that many men are attracted to the male anatomy and there is a name for them, “Tranny chasers”. Now I am not saying all men who date trans-women are tranny chasers, I know a number of couples who are in long term relationships, but unfortunately I know many more who their partner left them once they had surgery. As they say, “the proof is in the pudding is in the eating” will they stick around after the surgery?

If you look at the research that has been done on violence against transgender people, you will find a high number of latten homosexuals, those that are in denial. Many knew that they were dating a transgender person and either became violent after they had sex or became violent when someone else commented on their dating a transgender person. If you look at the victims on the Transgender Day of Remembrance web-site, many of the victims were prostitutes who the johns knew they were transgender, but in a fit of guilt and rage after sex murdered the woman. Usually the murders are violent and brutal, with multiple wounds and dismemberment.

Look at the case of Angie Zapata, brutally murder by her boyfriend…
Prosecutor: Accused Zapata killer didn’t ‘snap’ at transgender ‘deception’
By Ernest Luning 4/19/09
The Colorado Independent

Andrade, 32, killed Angie Zapata in a fit of rage last summer after discovering she was transgender, Martin argued, urging jurors to reject first-degree murder and hate crime charges in the brutal slaying. “Allen [Andrade] had no idea until right before he started hitting this person that the person he thought was a she was actually a he,” Martin said in the Greeley courtroom of Weld County District Court Judge Marcelo Kopcow.

Nonsense, a prosecutor said, promising to prove that Andrade didn’t “snap,” as defense attorneys have claimed, and that the accused killer wasn’t deceived that Angie Zapata was transgender. “This was not a snap decision,” prosecutor Brandi Nieto told jurors. ”The defendant knew for approximately 36 hours that Angie was biologically male.”

Jurors won’t hear evidence that Andrade belonged to a homophobic street gang that threatens to kill members who have had homosexual sex. Last month, the trial judge threw out testimony prosecutors had hoped to introduce that Andrade feared for his life after having oral sex with Zapata so decided to kill her to save face with his gang.
This is a murderer who after having sex with a person he knew to be transgender, killed in a fit of guilt.

As I said, those that love a trans-person for who they are and not what they are, are rare. The majority of persons loving trans-persons are just having sex with them because they are transgender.

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