Monday, May 31, 2010

I Smell Smoke!

At our cottage in southern New Hampshire this morning when we woke up, there was a haze on the lake and in the mountains forest. I thought it was from the humidity, I had seen on humid days a haze just like that.

My brother goes out on the porch and said “Its smoke! There must be a forest fire.”
Me: “It is probably from woodstoves.”
My brother: “No, it must be coming from a forest fire somewhere.”
Me: “No, it is smoke from woodstoves mixed in with the haze.”
I continue packing up my car to leave to go home. Phone rings.
My brother comes out and tells me that my sister-in-law friend who lives out on Nantucket said that the smoke is from a forest fire up in Quebec. That they can smell it and see it on Nantucket Island.
Me: “Wow!”
Smoke From Canada Fires Wafts Into NH
Hazy, smokey air is covering most of the state
POSTED: 11:59 am EDT May 30, 2010
New Hampshire --
New Hampshire has sent more than a dozen firefighters to Canada to help fight a forest fire that is sending smoke over much of New Hampshire.

People in Quebec are evacuating their homes because of wildfires burning out of control in the central and northern parts of the province. About 400 people who evacuated are taking shelter in a hockey arena.

There are 60 fires burning that ignited because of dry conditions and lightning. The Canadian Broadcasting Co. reported that the fire has scorched about 150,000 acres so far. So far, firefighters have managed to keep the flames away from people's homes.

Strong northwest winds are bringing smoke into Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont from wildfires that are burning in Canada. In New Hampshire, a haze hung over mountains, and, in some parts of New England, visibility from the fires is down to about 3 miles. Residents in the North Country, the Lakes Region, the Seacoast, Manchester and the capital area are noticing a strong smell of smoke and reporting respiratory issues.

There is a video of the news story on WMUR web-site.

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Stana said...

Believe it or not, the smoke has worked is way down to southeastern Connecticut, too!