Friday, April 18, 2008

Real Art Ways Creative Cocktail Hour

I went to the CCH last night with some friends and they had this neat video show presented by Aerostatic and Forward Motion Theater, they used video projectors to project through gauze to give it a kind of 3D effect. They projected random patterns that changed with the music and then later they did a chandelier dance. It was a dance with a swinging chandelier as a partner; it was an interesting interpretive dance.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Di,
Thanks for supporting RAW and telling the newbie sisters and brothers that RAW is a wonderful, safe place for to express. And they actually enjoy us too! You know, Art and Trannies, it's so Warhol! Hee hee!!! But seriously, it's a win-win situation!!!
Maybe I'll make the coffee date tomorrow with you and the other girls.
PS I looove that pic!!!