Thursday, April 24, 2008

Maine: Heath Proposes Law To Ban Civil Unions

Once again, bigotry on homophobia shows it ugly head, this time in Maine. The Christian Civic League of Maine is fighting to ban Civil Unions or Marriage Equality, plus the repeal of the human rights laws in Maine.

As reported in the Portland Press Herald by by Elbert Aull…
The sweeping initiative from the Christian Civic League of Maine would require the state to define marriage as the union between a man and woman and prohibit unmarried couples from adopting children….
… The measure would limit marriage to one man and one woman, allow only one person or a married couple to adopt children, and forbid the establishment of civil unions.

To ban unmarried couple from adopting is shear lunacy, there is NO scientific evidence to support any harmful effect from unmarried couple raising children. It is only a thinly masked attempt to ban Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender couple from adopting since they would not be able to enter into a state legalize Union or marriage. It is bigoted and homophobic.
The initiative asks voters whether they want to "protect traditional marriage and eliminate special rights in Maine law."…
… The proposal also seeks to remove the designation "sexual orientation" from the Maine Human Rights Act – overturning legislation enacted at the State House three years ago and later upheld at the polls. It would also eliminate state funding for an Attorney General's Office program that teaches public school students about the human rights act.

I am sick and tired of hearing “Special Rights!” What is so special about wanting a job so that we can support our families (Of course they don’t want us to have families.). What is so special about wanting a place to live? What is so special about wanting to go to a restaurant and wanting to get waited on?
Heath has protested the AG's civil rights teams for years, saying they indoctrinate impressionable teenagers with the idea that gay and lesbian lifestyles are acceptable.

And they willing to say anything in order to spread their propaganda of hate.
Attorney General Steven Rowe argued that the 220 teams throughout the state are meant to stamp out bullying, not drum gay-positive views into students.
"Every student has the absolute right to attend school where they feel safe," Rowe said.
He said the program, which will receive $215,000 in state funding next year, is student-run, so members – not school administrators – choose the causes of bias and harassment they want to address.


Kwizgiver said...

I am personally on Heath's "watch list" because of being advisor of my school's Civil Rights Team. Most of Maine does not agree with him or doesn't really know about him. grrrrr.

Diana_CT said...

Thank You for being an ally :)