Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday Six - Episode 193

Patrick’s Place – Weekender

1. Compared to 2006, was 2007 better or worse for you?
I think only time will tell which year was better. I need time to figure out how I am dealing with my retirement.

2. Take the quiz: How did your year rate?

You Had a Fantastic Year!

Compared to most years, last year was definitely great.
Overall, you're living a much better life than you were twelve months ago.
And nothing is a better mark of a good year.
Here's to hoping next year is even better!

3. What moment do you remember as being the most emotional for you of 2007?

The judge stamping my name change order.

4. Do you feel that you accomplished any major goals during the year?

Hmm… another hard question to answer. I need time to find out if retirement was good for me and how will I handle transitioing.

5. Compared to your feelings last December, are you more or less optimistic going into 2008?
I am very pessimistic about 2008; I see the economy at a fulcrum point. With the high cost of energy, the sub-prime crisis, the huge national debit that the government has amassed over the Iraqi war and the Presidents tax cuts, the massive credit card debit we are carrying and the devaluation of the U.S. dollar are all coming together in a critical mass.

6. Take one more quiz: Will you keep your new year’s resolution?

You Probably Won't Keep Your New Year's Resolution

Something isn't quite right with the resolution you've selected. Maybe it's time for a different one?

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