Monday, May 28, 2007

Patrick’s Weekender

Saturday Six - Episode 163

1. What color car do you drive?

2. How many cars have you had in the past of this same color?
Two, my previous car was also red.

3. What does this particular color mean to you?
That was the color of the car they had on the lot that had the options that I wanted.

4. Take the quiz: What color car should you drive?

You Should Drive a Yellow Car

You're the type of driver who doesn't mind giving someone a break on the road.
You are eternally cheerful, and a little bad traffic is never going to effect your mood.
And while you're definitely laid back, a part of you also loves to be noticed.
You're a performer at heart. And you love showing off a few slick driving moves every now and then!

5. Would you ever consider driving a car the color the quiz suggests?
No way! I do not want to drive a banana or a canary.

6. Do you consider yourself the most-aggressive driver on the road, the least-aggressive, or something in between?
I am about average. I haven’t had an accident since college.

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