Sunday, February 18, 2007

Patrick’s Weekender

Saturday Six - Episode 149

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Which Game Show Host Are You?

Alex Trebek
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2. What game show do you think you would be best as playing?
Probably Jeopardy, I always liked the show even though I don’t usually watch them and if I do it is usually as a last resort.

3. What game show do you think you would be worst at playing?
Wheel of Fortune, I hate that game show.

4. Have you ever applied or auditioned as a contestant for any game show? If so, which one?
Nope and don’t care to.

5. If you had to apply or audition for a game show, which one would you most likely choose?
Something that is real easy, liker guess your name. Because I panic under pressure.

6. If you found out you had to host a game show, which one would do you know well enough that you could actually host?

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I hate everything about Wheel of Fortune. I can't begin to understand why the stupid show has been on for so long.