Monday, February 19, 2007

Indiana University-South Bend Club Dedicated To Napping

I heard this on the radio on the way to work: Indiana University-South Bend has just started a new club, a napping club. They have about 30 – 35 members and they provide a dark room and air mattresses and you have to provide a pillow and blanket. They also have a moderator to wake you up for your next class.

Now that is my type of club!


Lisa said...

We're talking my hometown here- I've even taken a class there. Not napping though! lol

Cat. said...

Where do I sign up? Do you have to be a registered student...?

...I'm considering moving to South Bend.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

did you see in the paper last Thursday - after the news sported a few lines about the benefits of napping every day... a company in Southington, CT was featured. They actually have a nap room and showed an employee in a recliner kicking back with a flat screen tv on the wall. Bet that company has some healthy and happy employees!