Sunday, December 24, 2006

Saturday Six - Episode 141

Patrick’s Weekender

1. How many Christmas Cards did you receive from people you hadn't sent cards to, after the "mailing deadline?" Did you send a card anyway?
Two, but this year for some reason I didn’t receive many cards. I sent the two cards the other day.

2. At this point, do you weigh more or less than you did on January 1, 2006? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
More, it’s a bad thing.

3. When the clock strikes Midnight on New Year's, will you be at home, at a party, or somewhere else?
At home at a party at my house.

4. Take the quiz: What's your holiday stress level?

Your Holiday Stress Level is Moderate

The holidays sometimes stress you out, but mostly because they wear you down.
Take it easy! You can have a fun holiday without running yourself ragged.

5. Have you ever been the designated driver at a party or outing with your friends?
I don’t drink more than one drink when I drink, so yes I do drive a lot.

6. Have you ever taken the keys and driven home a friend that you felt was too drunk to drive? If not, do you think you would attempt to if that situation ever arose?
For my New Year’s Eve party anyone at my house for the party knows they can crash here instead of driving home. And if they do, they will get a great breakfast in the morning; omelet (with ham, cheese, peppers and onions), bacon, sausages, hash browns, melon, juice and coffee.
Yes, I would take their keys and if they didn’t give me their keys I would strongly think about reporting them. I also will not provide alcohol at my parties, its’ BYOB.

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