Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hi, I’m…….

I went to a Retirement Seminar last night to go over the retirement policies of the company where I work. They gave us a dinner and then went over our benefit package, so it was more or less a social setting. When I was introducing myself to the various people there, I kept on wanting to say “Hi I’m Diana L____ “, it took a conscious effort to say Don. I think it was because it was more of a social setting as apposed to a business setting, I am more comfortable as Diana in that type of environment.
It happened once before, I was on a business trip to our corporate headquarters and I was with a Project Engineer. We went out to dinner to meet the Vice President in charge of Engineering. Well the VP was late and we had a couple of drink, when he did should up, I stood and went to introduce myself to his wife saying, “Hi I’m Di…..” and biting my tongue to keep from saying Diana.
So I am looking forward to retirement when I can transition. However from what I learned from the seminar last night it will cost me dearly retiring that year early because of the plant shutdown. Because I will be 59 and not 60 and only 29 years with the company instead of 30. As a result I will pay 50% of the medical and dental insurance vs. 20% (If I was 60 with 30 years) and my pension will be reduced by a 0.5% for ever month before I’m 60 (6% a year). That Sucks!

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Lisa said...

Such a technicality that will end up costing you so much! That is ridiculous.